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It’s a Firkin Party on Wheels

Apparently there’s enough bikers who like to drink good beer that the local establishments are taking notice. A few days ago we gave you the information on the Bell’s biking tour in June, and now there’s a similar one planned for a month later. With this particular event, there will be a firkin of Goose Island beer at each bar for the riders.

What’s better than a beautiful bike ride…supplemented with beer, friends, and a free dinner? Hopefully not much, so you can join us:)

Our ride starts out at the Muddy Pig, moves on to Stub & Herbs, and finishes at Grumpy’s in NE where you will be provided with a glorious goose BBQ. Why goose you ask? Because Goose Island Brewery is assisting us with our Firkin Nice Day and providing a firkin at each of the bars at a discount for your enjoyment.

In addition you will be given three trivia forms to be filled out and entered at each of the bars for some prizes.

So how do you participate? You purchase our official T-shirt for the event at any of the three bars, which will be available as of July 1st, if not sooner. (I will update you the moment they become available, promise). The shirts/entry are $15 with proceeds going to a charitable cause. There will be 100 shirts available and they must be worn the day of the ride to be eligible for our deals, prizes, and BBQ. Bicycle helmets are also a requirement given that we quite value your safety.

If you miss out on the T-shirt, you are welcome to join the ride, but the bonuses are only for our shirt-wearing participants.

See you there!


  1. HT says:

    Count me in. Might have to exert some self control in order to bike home…

  2. al says:

    I’ve got an idea: how about the people who want to drink Goose Island firkins go on the one pub crawl, and the people who like to drink authentic Belgian ales on tap go on the other. And the douches can stay home!

  3. al says:

    oops. posted that in the wrong place!

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