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Flat Earth August Update

Normally we like to spread our beer releases out a little bit more, but sometimes you just can’t do that. The next 4 weeks are going to be crazy for us and we hope you can come along for the fun too.

This week (August 9 – 14) is Extra Medium Week! We are filling a limited amount of Extra Medium American Wild Ale. This beer is tart and refreshing and the only sour beer available from a Minnesota brewery. We are lining up a few places to tap a keg or two of it this week. Check our website and Facebook page for confirmation on locations.

Next week (August 16 – 20) is Northwest Passage IPA Week! To celebrate the first bottling run of our IPA, the hoppiest beer made in the Midwest, we will start with growler sales on Monday the 16th, 22 oz bottles will go on sale on the 17th around town. Wednesday we will be tapping a keg Northwest Passage.

Rush Week! (August 23 – 28) Cygnus X-1 Porter was originally designed as a tribute to our favorite band Rush. They will be playing the State Fair on Friday and to celebrate we will be releasing a special Rush inspired porter every day this week. Growlers will be available at the brewery and the beers will be on tap at different bars around town.

Finally Bermuda Triangle Week (August 30 – Sept 3)! This will be the first year we bottle our Belgian-style Tripel. We will kick off the week with growlers of tripel being available at the brewery on Monday, bottles will be available starting Tuesday and we have a keg tapping party on Wednesday.

Plus we will be heading out to Brew at the Zoo on the 13th, The Great Taste of the Midwest 14th, Brewery tour on the 21st and


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  1. Nate Solas says:

    I’d be interested to know where those kegs of Extra Medium end up… I just opened a growler of it and it’s pretty awesome — as far as I know maybe the only MN sour beer being brewed? I heard rumor of a Surly barrel of something with Brett, but it seems like generally no one else is crazy / devoted enough to make one of these. Yeah? No?

  2. Drew Johnson says:

    There are occasional casks of brett oatmeal stout from Summit. Really fantastic if they’ve been left long enough.

  3. Steve says:

    Drew is correct. An awesome beer. Kudos to Summit on that one.

  4. Dan says:

    Surly did make a sour/ funky beer, first tapped at Great Taste of the Midwest last year, and again at Autumn Brew Review. Town Hall and Fitger’s collaborated on a sour Barrel Aged Cherry Grand Cru. Flat Earth also makes Rode Haring, a Flanders Red style sour.

  5. Flat Earth says:

    Extra Medium now on tap at The Muddy Pig in St. Paul!

  6. Jon from Stubs says:

    On tap tomorrow at Stub’s!!!

  7. Duke says:

    I believe the Rode Haring is Extra Medium blended with Ovni.

  8. Flat Earth says:

    Duke you are correct.

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