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Flat Earth Brewing: The Lowdown and a Request

First, a request: Jeff from Flat Earth Brewing Co. is looking for plumbers and electricians to bid on the job at Flat Earth. He needs both in order to finish the installation. You can drop him a line at brewer AT

Do everyone a favor, though and don’t hound the poor guy with requests for more information about his brewery. You’ll all find out more as things come together. In the meantime, here are some answers to your questions:

My wife, Cathie, and I own the brewery. We plan on brewing as soon as
possible. The biggest possible hang-up will be federal paperwork. We
are starting out with a 15 bbl JVNW system we bought in California. We
will be doing kegs to start and bottles in the future. We should be
able to do 1500 bbl per year the first year. Without giving too much
away the beers will be styles that are harder to find fresh in
Minnesota on a regular basis. There will be a common theme to the
beers but it will not be ingredient based. My experience is home
brewing, which I still do, and 2.5 years at Minneapolis Town Hall. We
chose Minnesota because we live here, actually about 2 miles from our
brewery. Content on the web site will grow as we grow. …
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Thank you for all the interest.

Jeff Williamson
Flat Earth Brewing Company

One comment

  1. David Van Cleve says:

    Has Dy-no-might Dave Anderson got his ears on?

    I know he had his own plans for a similar start-up operation here in the Twin Towns, and I’m thinkin’ he’d have some great advice and who knows? A possible collaboration down the line for brands?

    My fingers are crossed for Flat Earth – we need more just like ’em!

    – DVC

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