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Granite City SLP

Word on the street is that Granite City is building a new brewpub in my backyard. Well sort of, anyway. They’re building/re-building on the site of an old Timber Lodge Steakhouse on the corner of Excelsior Boulevard and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park. And though it it’s not within walking distance, I do live in SLP.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How can they call themselves a brewery when they don’t even brew the beer at the location? They truck in the wart to make their horrid beer. And how can you claim a black and tan made with 2 of your beers is another beer in itself? Granite City – No thanks.

  2. ryan says:

    Semantics, I guess. Since they ferment the wort on-site, at least a portion of the brewing process is taking place at each location. Granite City would probably argue that it’s more efficient for them to crush their grain, mash, lauter and boil in one location rather than at each. Shipping wort rather than finished beer probably helps them avoid some liquor regulations as the wort doesn’t contain alcohol.

    In terms of quality, I’d have a hard time calling their beer horrid. It may not be the best beer at a brewpub in Minnesota, but I’ve had worse, both in Minnesota and beyond.

    Do they actually refer to a black and tan a separate beer?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Granite City does have a beer that they call the Two Pull, which, if I remember correctly, is a mix of their lager and mai bock. Yes, it is a separate beer in their menu. I find that to be a bit of a turn-off as well. I’ve never heard it refered to as a black & tan, though.

    But give credit where credit is due. Granite City is a decent brewpub with good food and nicely designed restaurants. On top of that they have reasonable prices. You don’t find that too often in the Twin Cities.

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