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Great Waters Beer Update

Here are the beers currently pouring at Great Waters… some great seasonals.

PUSHED SEASONALS [Served at 38F on draft]

“The Lion in Winter” An American wheat ale brewed with dandelion honey. Light bodied and crisp. Low hop profile to enhance the aroma of dandelion honey. ABV. 5.8% IBU 20 O.G. 13.5 plato

“King Boreas Imperial Wit” A strong wit ale. Lots of Curacao bitter orange peel, coriander, and a hint of star anise. Brewed with German pale wheat malt and Golden Promise barley. This is our Winter version of a Belgian white beer. Medium bodied, amber colored, and unfiltered. ABV. 6.8% IBU 30 O.G. 19.0 plato

“Vulcanus Rex” A toasty red colored ale. Medium bodied ale with just enough hops to balance the malt character. More malt flavor and hops aroma than say a Killian’s, this is an easy drinking carnival beer. ABV. 5.2% IBU 25 O.G. 12.5 plato

CASK SEASONALS [Served at 52F and hand pulled]

Queen of the Snow’s Special Bitter: Medium bodied ESB brewed with Maris Otter, caramel and bisquet malt. We used only East Kent Golding hops to give this ale a regal, vindictive character. ABV. 5.8% IBU 55 O.G. !3.6 plato

Control-Alt-Delete: Medium bodied German style ale that has been cask conditioned in the English style. Weyerman Pilsner malt, a little bit of black barley, and some crystal hops to brew this easy drinkin’ cask ale. If you think about it, German beers like this were most likely casked back in the day. Little bit of toast, little bit of spiciness from the hops and a little bit of malt flavor inside. ABV. 5.2% IBU 30 O.G. 12.5 plato

Ides of March IPA: A dark amber colored, full bodied ale with lots of caramel malt and five varieties of hops. Dry hopped at fermentations’ end with whole flower Chinooks. We used an East coast pale ale yeast to leave a little fruitiness in the backbone. A very aggressive hop flavor. ABV. 6.8% IBU 99 O.G. 16.2 plato

PUSHED [Served at 38F on draft]

Golden Prairie Blond : Refreshing light bodied golden ale, using noble hop varieties. Clean delicate aroma makes this one of our most popular beers. 4.8% ABV. 18 IBU Original gravity: 11 plato

Saint Peter Pale Ale : Medium bodied amber ale, with a pleasant balance of malt and hop varieties. Our pale ale has been a favorite choice since 1997. 5.5% ABV. 50 IBU Original gravity: 14 plato

Brown Trout Brown Ale : Slightly full bodied rich brown ale. Caramel chocolate maltiness in this satisfying dark ale is a year round favorite. 5.8% ABV 35 IBU Original gravity: 15 plato

Blackwatch Oat Stout: This is a full bodied dark ale. Made with malted oats and roasted barley for a coffee,chocolate, nutty flavor. ABV 5.4% IBU 40 OG 14.5

CASK CONDITIONED BEER [Served at 52F and hand pulled]

Great Waters House Ale: This is a medium to light bodied, copper colored ale. The pleasant hoppiness comes from East Kent Golding hops. The clean aroma helps balance the bisquet and caramel malts used in this English country ale.

ABV 5.0% IBU : 35 Original Gravity : 12 plato


  1. al says:

    “Control-Alt-Delete”…ha, ha, good one!

  2. skypilot says:

    I have to say it’s nice to finally see an update from Great Waters.

  3. kris says:

    The Control Alt Delete and Rex were good but it was the Ides of March IPA that really did it for me. They didn’t have any of the Lion or Queen when I was there last week but I’ve had the Queen before and she’s tasty- get her if you can.

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