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Green Beer?

My friend Erin forwarded this to me, and it looks pretty cool.

The Eco Impact of Beer
Twin Cities Green
2405 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls
How green is your beer? Come to this workshop and compare the eco-footprints of larger beer companies, microbreweries and home-brewing. Expert brewers will also demonstrate how to brew your own beer. 

To RSVP, please email, call
612-345-7973 or visit
A suggested donation of $5 per workshop is payable online with registration or in person. We appreciate your support!

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  1. Dan says:

    We contacted Do It about what Vine Park’s green efforts. Ami said they would share the information with the attendees but I thought others might also want to know.

    We are pretty eco friendly for a small facility that wasn’t originally designed that way.

    We use the minimal impact chemicals.
    Customers get their beer in re-USEABLE bottles not just recyclable.
    Our facility re-USES the cooling water from wort pumpouts since it is now heated for the next round of brewing water to save energy costs.
    All electricity is wind-powered via Xcel’s wind program. No room for a tower & turbine on site.
    Our malt extract is delivered in 55 gallon plastic drums. We are featured on a number of sites as a source of free drums for rain barrel projects. What used to be a disposal hassle is now an overly popular (only in that we can’t supply enough) pickup.
    Our customers buy in bulk thus avoiding frequent trips to the liquor stores.
    Our wines come from around the world but in bulk shipping. Bottling is done on site so wines are not shipped with that extra weight.

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