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I Am Brau, Hear Me Roar

Brau Bros. are roaring into spring like a lion with their new seasonal offering.  It’ll be available in six packs and in draught soon.

It’s official, our spring seasonal is in the bottle and conditioning as we speak.  It’s a Belgian Saison, brewed in the most traditional way.  Here’s a brief descriptor:

Forgotten Flem Farmhouse Ale

Forgotten Flem is a fitting tribute to the many Belgian Farmers who settled the prairies of  Southwest Minnesota.  Brewed in a farmhouse brewery within feet of hop bines and barley fields,  Forgotten Flem Ale is a product of genuine ingredients and classic brewing technique.    Multiple yeast strains drive complexity and months of aging develop nuanced yet distinct flavors.  Even today it’s not unusual to hear the thick accents of French and Belgian Farmers in and around Lucan.  We’re very pleased to offer them a taste of home!

Traditionally, farmhouse ales were brewed with whatever ingredients the farm produced and could spare.  As an estate brewery, we’ve taken the same approach.  In addition to quality two-row barley, generous amounts of wheat and rye are added to give this ale a truly classic malt bill.  However the star of the show is the yeast.  A  unique saison strain is employed which ferments a spicy and fruity, yet dry beer  A second strain is used for bottle conditioning, which builds layers of complexity through rich yeast nuances

This complex ale was brewed to be served slightly chilled, in a thistle glass.   Bottle conditioning will leave a small amount of sediment which can be swirled to mix or decanted.  Slightly hazy and pale golden in color, Forgotten Flem will pour a generous, bright white head and release an aroma of mixed fruit and toasted grains.

ABV = 5.3%
Color = 8 SRM
Bitterness = 51 IBU
Hops = Willamette
Yeast = Belgian Saison, Champagne

This beer introduced us to some new (old) brewing techniques.  First, we fermented it very hot, well over ninety degrees.  There’s a lot of rye in this beer, and it was as noticeable in the lauter tun as it is in the glass.  True to traditional old-world saison, Flem is moderately sized, aggressively hopped, and made with plenty of wheat and rye.  The complexities of rye, wheat, multiple yeast strains, and bottle conditioning make for a unique beer.


  1. dankbrewer says:

    Damn…that is gonna be a tasty beverage! Cheers to Brothers Brau! Keep the seasonals coming!

  2. Jonny says:

    I’ve been happy with the BB seasonals, I agree keep ’em coming!

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