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I Joined the MHBA & All I Got Was…

I finally broke down and joined the Minnesota Home Brewer’s Association this weekend. I’ve been brewing for over two years and figured it was high time I get involved in a club, meet more brewers and learn from their experience (and of course, share my own). So I joined the MHBA on Saturday and attended my first meeting at Granite City in St. Louis Park. I had a good time – I tasted some nice homebrew, met some cool people, toasted Jimmy Carter and tried to absorb as much as I could listening and not just jabbering away like I usually do after a couple of beers.

New officers were elected… Paul Dienhart was elected as Treasurer and Secretary, Al Boyce was once again elected as Vice President and Gera Exire LaTour was elected President. Congrats.

And finally, I’ve volunteered my services as the new newsletter editor. I’m certainly no stranger to newsletter editing/design/layout (not to mention beer & homebrewing), so I figured I’d offer my services. It should also force me to keep MNBeer on top of upcoming local homebrew info, so what the hell… why not?


  1. Barry says:

    Nice move Ryan-that will earn you more beer friends in a hurry!

  2. Ben Brausen says:

    I joined a while back at the Teach A Friend To Homebrew day at Barley John’s (was already a homebrewer but I figured I should help support local groups). I haven’t made it to any meetings yet but I may at some point.

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