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Flat Earth Brewing: First Brewday

Jeff dropped me a note to share that today was Flat Earth Brewing Co.’s first brewday, throwing down an 8 barrel batch in order to put the yeast to work. Next week he’s planning on doing two 15 barrel batches and in a few weeks, thirsty drinkers should be able to enjoy Flat Earth Pale Ale around the Twin Cities.


  1. al says:

    Jeff, bring me a sample or something, I’m eager to try this one out and find a slot for it on our tap line at the Nile!

  2. Trav says:

    Any word on other styles of brew there going to do? Sampled this at Winterfest, I must say it wasnt my favorite, but i will have to give it another try once it goes on tap

  3. ryan says:

    Nothing official, though Jeff’s mentioned that he’ll be brewing beer styles not typically available fresh around here. You’ll have to use your imagination beyond that. I think their Pale Ale is a pretty tasty example of a Belgian-style Pale Ale. If you like Belgian beer (and even if you don’t) give it another try some other time when you’re not hitting your palette with big-ass beers.

  4. Ben Brausen says:

    Nice to see you’ve moved on from brewing at Vine Park.

  5. Dan says:

    Don’t think Jeff ever brewed here at Vine Park. We did keg the beer he brewed at Flat Earth so he could serve at Winterfest.

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