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Lift Bridge Farm Girl at Stub & Herb’s

liftbridgebrewery.jpgJon over at Stub & Herb’s says he’ll be getting some Farm Girl saison from Lift Bridge Brewery on Sept. 4th. I’m assuming that this is a result of batch 0, brewed at Flat Earth in St. Paul. Should be good. Very fresh and tasty.

If the thirsty regulars at Stub & Herb’s drink it all, fear not as the guys from Lift Bridge plan on being at Autumn Brew Review, too.


  1. Jon says:

    Stub and Herb’s gets Lift Bridge on September 10th.

    It was originally the 4th. My fault. Sorry.

  2. Dan Schwarz says:

    Actually it was my fault. I gave Jon the wrong date. Hope to see you all there.

  3. We will be delivering Batch 0 as you suspected. Cheers!

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