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Keep your eyes open over the next couple of weeks. That bottle of Stone IPA you pick up may have a special message on it. Stone is releasing bottles with unique label text here in the Twin Cities – 120 cases for Minneapolis, 120 cases for St. Paul. They’ll be landing in MN soon. Spread the word! Photos courtesy Brewing TV. BTV received a preview bottle for each city after recently visiting Stone’s facilities in California for an upcoming episode.

Special text for St. Paul (left) and Minneapolis (right)

Stone message to St. Paul


  1. BeerChick says:

    Where can you buy Stone in St. Paul? I’ve only ever found it in Minneapolis!

  2. Bryon A says:

    That’s pretty cool.

  3. Ben says:

    Pay that money for label approval, make others wait while your label gets approval, and only produce 120 cases. Seems like a little bit of a waste for something that’s already bottled and has approval here.

  4. HT says:

    1st Grand has Stone.

  5. JacobM says:

    I like that they had to consult Wikipedia for information on St. Paul. How about a special brew call Ignorrant Bastard Ale?

  6. Matt says:

    Agree completely Ben, this might explain some of their pricing.

    Love Stone, can’t afford it.

  7. Ben says:

    Come on Matt, I’m sure the cost of ordering a small run of custom screen printed bottles is never passed on to the consumer in the end. 😉

    JocobM, agree on the Wikipedia point. Maybe we need to send them a beer with a label that says Escondido is ranked #65 by violent crimes per capita among 165 cities in California with populations greater than 50,000 according to Wikipedia. Makes ya feel special to quote random wiki data.

  8. Andy s says:

    Bunch of complainers

  9. Tucker says:

    Pricing isn’t that much higher than other beers in their class! Great beer costs a lot of money to make and distribute. It has to get here from California… Some of Stone’s limited stuff is higher but when you consider you pay $5+ for a beer at a bar an $18 six pack no longer seems so outrageous. Don’t get me wrong I’d be psyched if all of the best beers were $6.99 a six pack but those days are over.


  10. Matt says:

    Stone IPA for $10.59/6 pack is ok (maybe just a little high compared to similar products), but selling Levetation for the same price is just stupid. I quit buying Stone as much when I noticed that price tag, at three seperate stores now. There is just as good (or better) beer out there for a better price, maybe this is why it wasn’t selling in Wisconsin.

  11. edmh33 says:

    You can get Stone at Park Liq or the Ale Jail or Thomas

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