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Lucid Cammo Cask tonight at Groveland Tap

Tonight at 5pm the Groveland Tap crew will  be tapping a cask of Lucid Cammo that’s been dry hopped with Motueka hops. What’s Motueka you ask? Our friends at Northern Brewer call it a New Zealand grown “Saaz descendent with tropical citrus notes.” Check it out.


  1. One of my newest favorite local beers, this cask should be extremely interesting, may have to make the trip to St. Paul!

  2. Ben says:

    Town Hall recently had Motueka Double Lager on. It was really nice. Motueka is an area on the north end of the south island of New Zealand where the boutique wines come from, from what my boss, a New Zealander, has said.

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