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MPR “A shortage of hops has beer makers and beer drinkers worried”

Read and listen here (or catch it the old-fashioned way at 91.9 FM in the Twin Cities)

Tim Post spoke with Chris Laumb from McCann’s in St. Cloud, Dustin from Brau Brothers and me about the current state of beer, hops and barley prices.

Ryan Anderson, who runs the blog MN Beer, says the increase isn’t likely to keep beer lovers from buying a six-pack of their favorite.

“That’s just something that, as fans and advocates of craft beer, we’re just going to have to absorb and continue to enjoy our beer,” Anderson says.

What beer connoisseurs like Anderson fear is that the shortage of hops and barley could force some small breweries out of business.

In hindsight, I’m not sure I love the sentence that I formulated there and probably would have asked for a do-over, but overall, I think that this is the best piece I’ve seen on the ordeal.

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