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Master Brewers & Master Cheesemakers Event

Fermented food is among my favorite category of eats, and this event bring together two of the best: beer and cheese.

Head to the Happy Gnome for a social tasting and book signing by authors specializing in fermented foods on Oct. 12. With support from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the tasting is organized by Lucy Saunders, author of THE BEST OF AMERICAN BEER & FOOD and James Norton and Becca Dilley, authors of MASTER CHEESEMAKERS OF WISCONSIN.

Sample five beers (Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, Summit Octoberfest, Surly Bender, Schell Firebrick), assorted specialty cheeses from Caves of Faribault, Carr Valley, Saxon Farmstead Creamery, Hook’s and more.

Just $12 for two hours of tasting and sampling, tickets available online at


  1. BPS says:

    Cheese is not a fermented food. Just sayin.

  2. Eric says:

    BPS, there are many kinds of fermentation, the conversion of sugars into alcohol being just one of them. Simply put, fermentation is the process by which food or drink goes through a chemical change caused by enzymes produced from bacteria, microorganisms or yeasts. So yes, actually, cheese is fermented food (well, its the milk which is fermented to produce cheese.) Check out the event to learn more about the similarity between cheese and beer!

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