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#MNCleanPint 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your beer glasses and your smartphones and get your hashtags ready! February 1st us upon us and that means you’ll see #MNCleanPint tagged across the social media spectrum.

And what, you ask, is all the fuss about? #MNCleanPint celebrates “beer clean” glassware. Beer clean glassware is free from contaminants, residue and film. You’ll find nice rings of lacing inside your class with “beer clean” glassware.

Petroleum-based cleaner, incorrect chemical dilution and improper washing are the three biggest culprits that lead to that “not so fresh” beer glass. Obviously these contaminants can also lead to off flavors in and aromas in your beer. Mmmm… sanitizer.

It’s hard to believe that I sat down with Joe from JJ Taylor to talk about making #MNCleanPint happen over five years ago, but it’s true. Over the course of those five years, the folks from JJ Taylor have worked with the Cicerone Program, Micromatic, the Better Beer Society,, Minnesota Beer Activists and A Perfect Pint to help raise awareness and educate beer drinkers about clean glassware.

So empty your glass (You can do that, right?), and show us the lacing on the inside of your glass on your social media platform of choice. Tag your photo with #MNCleanPint, and let us know where you’re throwing down beers. At the end of the month, the establishment with the most mentions will win the title of “Cleanest Pint in Minnesota.”

Prizes? Yessirree! How does this sound… Cicerone training and tests, a $100 bar tab, and a home kegerater kit. Does that work for you? You’ll also have a chance to win glassware and all kinds of other prizes throughout the month.

Get your post on.