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More updates from Brau Brothers

Here’s a little more information to compliment an earlier post about the only brewery in Lucan, MN. Excuse me while I consume the last bottle of Frame Straightener before Dawn gets home…

We are anxiously waiting for spring so that we can plant the hopyard, the freedom and flexibility it will afford us will be invaluable. We are planning two festivals here at the brewery to be held annually. The first will be Pheasant Opener weekend and we will release the Ring Neck Ale at the event. The second would be a spring event, possibly a “Brau Family Reunion” where for one day, anyone can be a Brau Brother, Sister, or Cousin. Any ideas for these would be appreciated. We could possibly even set up camping on site, as the nearest hotel is 25 miles away!

Let me know what you think about the Frame Straightener, the recipe for the next SBS beer is being finalized…

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  1. It’s cool that Brau Brothers is attempting to grow their own hops. I suspect it might be achievable for a small brewery using small quantities of a few types of hops. But what about bigger brewers? How many acres would Schell’s or Summit need to set aside?

    And could I grow a salable quantity of hops on my property? I have an acre of land but only about 1/5 of that could be used for growing hops.

  2. ryan says:

    There’s an interesting thread on Northern Brewer’s forums regarding growing hops at a commercial level. Definitely interesting, though I’m not sure that it’d pay off… linky

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