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Stub & Herbs beer tastings… Help!

Stub and HerbsJon over at Stub & Herbs is looking for some help from homebrewers to pair up with brewery reps to discuss beer styles and compare homebrewed and commercial versions of different styles of beer. Read on:

Stub and Herb’s is starting a monthly beer tasting and beer education in February. We are working on our schedule and could use some help. We would like to pair up a brewery rep and a member of the local homebrewing community at each meeting. We are hoping to pick a few different beer styles to discuss at each meeting and compare some homebrews vs some of the fine craft beers available at local bars and liquor stores. Anyone interested? Any homebrewers that want to get involved, please message me. The only requirements are:

*You have to have some beer for us to sample.

*You have to be willing to speak to a few of us about your homebrew techniques, recipes and setup.

Hope to hear from some of you.


Jon Landers
Stub and Herb’s

Interested? Talk to Jon at Stub and Herbs or leave a comment here and we’ll make sure he gets it.


  1. Trav says:

    The new website is nice. Cant really beat 3 dollar pints of almost everything during happy hour!

  2. Don says:

    I would be interested in talking to Jon about possibly helping, either once or twice or maybe more. I am not sure exactly what is being asked for but I’m sure he could explain further.

    If you want to email me his address I will contact him. Or vice versa.


  3. Michael says:

    Also interested. Have attempted to call Jon but never actually reached him.

  4. Chaz says:

    For what it’s worth, Jon Landers posts as “JohnBierman” in the Midwest group at Beer Advocate. I just sent him a reminder that folks around here are interested ; )

    On a side note, I’ve known Jon for quite a while now, and he’s been serious about this idea since before Sue Jeffers ‘left the building.’ It’s also very interesting to note that Jon’s appreciation for craft beer has rubbed-off on several of his bartenders – quite the change from the old days!

  5. ryan says:

    I’ve been passing e-mail addresses on to Jon. He’s doing good things over at Stub & Herb’s.

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