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Name That Beer… Really… (Town Hall)

I guess if you’re busy making good beer, coming up with a snappy name doesn’t always work. We’ll forgive Mike for the moment, seeing as how my suggestion of “Strong Pale II, Electric Boogaloo” (reference), is obviously going to win. Anyway, Minneapolis Town Hall is releasing a Strong Pale Ale on Monday. I had it at Arborfest and enjoyed the hell out of it. I think you will too.

Hey All,
Monday we will release another beer for you. This is a Strong Pale Ale. It is made using British base malt, American yeast, and featuring the Summit hop variety. It is a bold and flavorful beer that wants a name…that’s up to you. Send me your best beer name and when you come down to the release Monday you will see the award winning name. If it is your creative title, I’ll buy you a growler. How’s that sound?

Email me your best….release @5pm

(This beer is 7%abv)

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  1. HawkEye19 says:

    Nice name, but I guess he liked mine better.

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