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Furious Ice Cream

I’m a skeptic, but I’ll buy some and report back… yes, Pumphouse Creamery has a Surly Furious variety of ice cream. I’ve yet to be convinced that a Guinness float is something I’d enjoy, but perhaps a kick of hops and the notion that I’d be supporting two local businesses intrigues me.

Just in time for the hot weather, Surly beer now available in ice cream form. Pumphouse Creamery, located at 4754 Chicago Ave S, is making ice cream with Furious beer. Barb, owner of Pumphouse, says she made ice cream with both bender and furious and customers really loved the furious ice cream. She says that the hops really come out in the ice cream. Yum!


  1. Joe Lencioni says:

    That sounds fantastic! I made a cherry stout once and then made some ice cream with it and it was so good!

  2. Eating some right now and I gotta tell you it is incredible. The hops truly do shine through in the finish and it tastes amazing. I was chatting with Barb (I think) and she had just finished (15 minutes ago!) the first batch of the Bender and let me have a sneak preview – also delicious, but in a more earthy, malty way… Surly and Pumphouse, a match made in heaven. Go get some fast!

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