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New Beer at Town Hall & Great Waters

First, Town Hall:

Another beer is on the way this Wednesday 1/18. Stop in and try Alpine
Pedaler from 5-6pm for just $1 per pint. Alpine Pedaler is a Belgian
Amber beer named for those crazy folks that cycle all winter long in our
(usually) harsh northern winters. Our coffee is delivered by bike
messenger, we’ve got Town Hall workers that bike to work. We all know
cyclists, let’s hoist a pint to all the folks that break out those fat winter
tires and don’t give in to Old Man Winter

Hmmm. Fat Tire?

Great Waters also has their very tasty King Boreas Imperial Wit on tap. It was a crowd pleaser at Winterfest, too. Also a few beers shuffled around here and there and on and off of cask. Mmm.

There are also a few other tap updates here and there. As always, keep those updates/corrections and changes coming. We try to keep on top of things as much as possible, but as much as we might try, we just can’t drink enough beer to catch up! Many thanks to the brewpubs that are good about keeping their websites up to date or persistant with their e-mails. We’re working on the rest… In the meantime, if you’re out and about enjoying Minnesota’s beers, please to send us updates. I’m fairly sure that we end up being woefully behind on Fitger’s releases (Do they have a mailing list?), as well as Wellington’s. We won’t even touch Green Mill… I promise, I’ll make a point of eating there soon… SO, people of Duluth, Winona, St. Paul, Minneapolis… you’re on a mission. Go out and drink that beer and report back. Thank you!