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New Brewery in Stillwater

…no, not Lift Bridge… According to an article in the Stillwater Gazette, Stillwater Brewery is set to open sometime this month. Interesting. Though its unlikely that the article was written by a beer expert, a few lines left me wanting to learn more…

Stillwater Brewery will be using KeyKegs, which are dubbed by producers as the “sell and forget” keg.

“We have no waste from transferring the beer from tank to tank; instead the tank itself changes on the inside to meet the needs of our brewing process…”

Producing 10 barrels of beer at a time, with a six-day turnover cycle…


  1. Tucker says:

    Well it sounds cool! I’m all for checking it out.

  2. dbrewing says:

    I don’t understand how a plastic keg that is used once and thrown away can be “greener” than a metal keg that will last for decades.

  3. aperfectpint says:

    I can’t seem to dig up anything about this beyond this article. Who are these guys? anyone got any additional info?

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