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New liquor laws go into effect today

A bunch of new state laws go into effect today, including the oft-reported ability of the State Fair to now sell beer that is not 3.2 (also known as, um, “strong beer.” Sure, whatever.) I’m more interested in the provision alllowing brew pubs and small breweries to now sell 750ml bottles of their wares, like they sell growlers. You can view the other provisions included in the the omnibus liquor bill here.

The Pioneer Press and Star Tribune also mention the State Fair change in articles today.


  1. Drew says:

    I find the last couple of lines the most interesting. It looks like someone wants to start a bar on my doorstep, practically across the street from Metro State Saint Paul.

  2. Trav says:

    I heard that every stand that sells beer has to have at least one MN brew on hand. Thats a cool deal. I would guess Summit would dominate that, but i would be at the fair a hell of a lot more if they had Surly.

  3. dbrewing says:

    So,m the restriction on samples on brewery tours was not passed?

  4. Jeff Krenner says:

    Does anyone know if any of the brewpubs have plans to do some releases of their beers in the 750ml bottles?

  5. Eric says:

    Yes, the sample restriction was taken out of the bill pretty early on in the process.

    And re: the brew pubs offering 750s, the law was originally introduced for a guy up on the North Shore who’s building a Belgian syle brewery. More on this and the whole liquor bill in the next edition of TC Imbiber, due out probably in Sept.

  6. ryan says:

    There were a number of us who to ask to have the sample restriction removed. When it was introduced, there was a thought that sampling wasn’t allowed because nothing was written. Glad to see that it’s still gone.

    Re Belgian-style brewery… So he’s no longer keeping it a secret? I told him I wouldn’t say anything until he was ready to share.

  7. Eric says:

    Oh that’s just a tease for the next issue of TCImbiber 🙂

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