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New Town Hall Glasses

Town Hall has gotten some new logo pint glasses in, ready to be filled for your drinking pleasure.

The 20 oz “bubble glasses” (aka British Imperial Pint) can be yours for $6 (empty) or $9 (filled).

If you’re wondering what you might put in your glass besides their year round beers, Apricot Wheat has departed but as of last night Coconut Milk Stout and IPA were both available on cask. In addition they had a German style pale, going by the name of Tradition Pale Ale.


  1. Champs says:


    ANYTHING is better than those awful plastic pint glasses they used to have on the patio.

  2. Ben says:

    They haven’t been doing the plastic pint glasses since a couple summers ago now.

  3. Jon says:

    Call ’em nonic glasses 🙂 Bubble glasses remind me of bubble tea, which I don’t want to be reminded of whilst drinking a fine pint 🙂

  4. Dan O'Leary says:

    That is refreshing to see. When you hear about pubs not pouring “honest pints” it’s encouraging to see Town Hall switching to larger glasses than the standard shaker pint. While $9 seems a little steep for the glass and beer, I’d gladly order one to encourage more pubs to do the same.

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