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News from Cellars, Minnetonka

Interesting news from Cellars in Minnetonka… they’re under new ownership. Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one and Cellars will continue to provide the same great service and variety of beers.

Hello, fellow beer lovers, after months of rumors and plenty of speculation, it has finally become official: The Minnetonka Cellars will be under new ownership as of Monday, March 6th. Saini, the new owner, has been working part-time with us for the past couple of months, and has seen first-hand what it is that makes this store tick. He has also assured us that the layout will be basically the same, and that he will do everything in his power to continue the tradition of excellent brews to follow in the footsteps of Jason and Ryan before him. It has been a blast for both Jason and myself to spend the past year talking beer with you fine gentlemen (and gentlewomen), and we hope to see you all again before we’re sent on our merry way. As far as what will be happening with the two of us (or our part-time staff, for that matter), we still have no idea. Jason will likely stick around for a week or two to make sure Saini gets off to a good start, and to make the transition period goes as smoothly as possible. If you haven’t yet crossed paths with the new owner, I suggest you do so next time you’re in the neighborhood. He and his wife are both very nice people, and they understand that the market for rare and specialty beer are invaluable to this store. For the past couple of months, Jason has helped him in every way possible with beer and liquor ordering, so you members of the esteemed ale mail list will remain in touch with the store, and continue to get updates when new and exciting products become available. Orders will still arrive for about two months after the new owner takes over. We appreciate all the support that this store has received from you over the past years and hope that you continue to shop here in the future.
YIPPIE KAHY YEAH (Mother !@#$%^&)!!!!
Jason, Adam & The Staff