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Northern Brewer: Beer Kits on Sale & Hop Rhizome Pre-Orders

From Northern Brewer’s mailing list:

It’s real wintery right now in Minnesota, but it will soon be spring!
This is your last chance to brew your winter ales for consumption
in sub-freezing weather! That’s why we are running a sale right now
on a few extract beer kits. For a limited time, save on the following
wintery beer kits:

Scottish 80 Shilling was $25.85, now $20.75
Scottish Wee Heavy was $37.35, now $29.95
Imperial Stout was $38.10, now $38.50
Spiced Winter Ale was $27.85, now $22.50
Winter Warmer was $35.10, now $28.10
Bourbon Barrel Porter was $46.25, now $37.00

Browse our beer kit selection at

Hop rhizomes are root stock harvested from female hop plants, which
allows you to grow a flowering plant of pure lineage. You can grow
your own hops just about anywhere in the continental United States.

As with last year, rhizomes will be shipped to you directly from
Oregon when they are harvested, usually during the last week of March.
They are $4.95 per rhizome and shipping is $4.05 regardless of the
number of rhizomes purchased.

The following varieties are available this year:

Brewer’s Gold
Mt. Hood

Pre-order them today at


  1. Marie Fowler says:

    I’m looking for a dwarf variety of hops such as Summit. Do you know where I might be able to order some? Thanks

  2. lew reece says:

    i’m looking for the codest hardy varity you have and one that has the shortest growing period. i’ll be a first time so any help will be appreciated. thanks lew

  3. Jose Sierra says:

    Dear friends I am from Colombia I am a homebrewer I am looking for dwarf hop rhizomes may someone can sell me at a resonable cost some rhizomes I will be truly grated

    Jose Sierra

  4. Donna Donovan says:

    I would like to add my name to those requesting rizomes of Cascade hops. It will be my first try to growing hops and this variety came highly recommended. I have been reading up on the process and any help or advice you can share would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me when they become available. Thank you.

  5. Ted Wilson says:

    I am a homebrewer living in central Florida and would like to know if I could grow hops this far south? If so is there any strains that are climatized to grow here. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Gunny G says:

    Saw your post re growing hops in Fla–I had heard/read that it could NOT be done south of 35 degres long., or that crop yield would be bad or non-existent.

    Last season, I planted 5 rhizomes, Cascade, No. Brewer, Willamete, Chinook, and Nugget.

    Cascade, No.Brewer, Willamete died within a month or so–not because of Fla, but the rhizomes were rather puny to begin with.

    The remaining rhizomes grew well and reached 12-15′ (first year)
    I harvested about 1lb wet hops (maybe 4-5 ounces dry) from the Chinook.

    So much for the experts.

    I am located in central Florida, near Sebring–about 70 miles south of Orlando.

    Based on my limited experience, I expect to continue growing a few hop plants with satisfactory results. Maybe not as good as elsewhere–I don’t know–I also have heard from other growers in Fla–one in Miami growing in containers on his patio, claims to have hop cones in February.

    Thought I would pass this on–positive info is hard to come by.

    Dick Gaines

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