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Schell’s Framboise du Nord Details!

framboisedunordThe second release in Schell’s Noble Star Collection will be their Framboise du Nord. The beer takes a twist on the Berliner Weisse tradition of adding a shot of sweet syrup to he beer when drinking, but instead of using syrup, Schell’s added raspberries during secondary fermentation. Schell’s Jace Marti says it the beer should be “a refreshingly sour beer full of raspberry flavor.” The first batch of the Noble Star Collection ended up being split between to batches since the cypress lagering tank they used was so large. The first half was released as Star of the North, and the second half was transferred back into a stainless steel tank along with 5000 pounds of raspberries, where it fermented for an additional four months. Right now they’re looking at a November release. Expect this beer to pour a bright, neon red color with a pink foam head. If you’re lucky enough to have Autumn Brew Review tickets, they’ll be pouring a single keg of this beer at the event as a sneak preview. Save some for me!