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St. Paul Jaycees Bus to Bockfest

Need a ride to Bockfest in New Ulm? The St. Paul Jaycees have organized a bus to Bockfest as a fundraiser.

Tickets are $50 and need to be cash or check made out to the St. Paul Jaycees purchased at The Happy Gnome 498 Selby Ave St. Paul, MN.


8am The Happy Gnome : Register and grab some breakfast (provided in ticket price)
9am The Coach departs The Happy Gnome
11am Arrive at Bockfest (included in ticket price)
4:30pm  Coach departs New Ulm
6:30pm  Coach returns to The Happy Gnome


  1. Trav says:

    Why would one want to leave New Ulm before the party at night!

  2. Ben says:

    Not sure but all the buses do that. Kinda lame. Gotta hit Happy Joe’s Pizza after the fest.

  3. Ben says:

    Oh yeah, Herkimer also has 3 buses going.

    Breakfast at 8am (This Has Changed) Buses leave at 9:00, 9:15 and 9:30.
    $60 Per Person
    Exclusive Bockfest Skull Cap!
    You must pay ahead of time to reserve your seat. No reservations are accepted. We will sell out.

  4. Trav says:

    The party at Georges Ballroom starts at 5pm…not to be missed

  5. Ben says:

    Anyone take the Herkimer bus? A bunch of my friends did and were less then happy about it. Apparently they couldn’t get the kegs working on the bus so they went and bought the bus goers a couple cases of Miller Lite. Because of it they were 45 minutes late in leaving so they arrived 45 into the fest.

    Then they wanted to leave at 2:45. Not sure about anyone else but if I’m paying $60 to ride a bus to Bockfest, I expect to be there on time and not to leave an hour and 45 minutes before it ends. On the way down my friend Brian started a chant to “Stay til 4:30!” and they agreed to let them stay til 3:30. I’d still be a bit upset. On the upside I ended up bringing a couple friends back with me so they could stay the whole time (and goto Happy Joe’s) so I had company on the drive back.

    Sounds like the first and last time any of them will be taking the bus down there. Sad, it seemed like a nice option.

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