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Stillwater Brewer’s Bazaar

Beer! Beer! Beer! Let’s have another beer fest! [Stop. Breathe. Too much Stumbeano’s coffee this morning.] In any case, the Stillwater Brewer’s Bazaar is entering it’s fourth year and we thought you might just like to go… Details? Okay…

Join the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club as we raise money for our many local and international community service projects by presenting The 4th Annual Brewers Bazaar
– A beer tasting event in beautiful downtown Stillwater, MN
– Saturday, May 15th, 2010
– Noon – 5pm
– This year’s beer tasting event will take place on the St. Croix River aboard the Avalon Riverboat. The boat will remained docked during the event so participants and vendors can come and go to enjoy Stillwater’s Rivertown Art Festival in Lowell Park.

Beer…on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Stillwater.
Beer…on the deck of the Avalon Riverboat over looking the river.
Beer…while enjoying the great artists on display at the Rivertown Art Festival.
Beer…from the region’s finest brewers:

Tickets will be $30 each and include entrance to the event, a pilsner glass for sampling any of the 60+ beers and a brat. In addition, you are welcome to come and go as you please throughout the event while enjoying the River Town Art Festival. Beer will not be allowed outside the event and you must be 21 years old with proper ID to enter.

Order tickets online at

Please tell others about this fun event and invite your friends!

Last years Brewers:
– Surly Brewing Company
– Lake Superior Brewing
– August Schell
– Summit
– Cold Spring Brewing Company
– Rock Bottom
– Flat Earth Brewing
– Finnegan’s
– St. Croix Brewing Company
– Brau Brothers Brewing Co.
– Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
– Rush River Brewing
– Tyranena Brewing Company
– The Lift Bridge Brewery
– Vine Park Brewing Co. (River City Root Beer)

If you’re interested in the program, click here.


  1. HT says:

    Anyone go to this last year? If so, can you review it?

  2. Mag says:

    I’ve been the last couple of years. It has been a very fun event historically. It hasn’t been terribly crowded in the past, so you have space to move around and a bit of latitude to chat up the brewers that were there. You may not get a lot of special releases, but the offerings are very good and plentiful. You’ll likely get a chance to try everything you want. There’s a mix of brewers, brewery employees and volunteers giving out the beers. In the past the Lift Bridge guys have been present, Jeff Williamson and Mike Elias of Flat Earth, Berg of Schells (can’t remember if Jace Marti has been there), Stutrud of Summit, one of the Brau Bros. (Trevor), Jim from Surly, and a couple of guys from Fitgers whose names I can’t remember (off the top of my head). So, it has been a bit of an intimate event where one can chat up one’s favorite brewer. It’s been growing, though. Good time, IMO.

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