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Strib Picks up the Twins Roof Deck Story…

and the commenters want local beer! Surprise! It’s a pipe dream to think that some (maybe any…) of our local breweries could afford the same sort of sponsorship that Budweiser could take on, but on the same note, I tend to think that Budweiser cheapens Target Field a bit and distracts from the “uniquely Minnesota experience.”

And while bitching on the web can be fun, it’s not necessarily terribly productive. I would, however, encourage you to contact the Minnesota Twins and ask kindly for a selection of Minnesota beers at Target Field.


  1. Erwin says:

    I could be entirely wrong here, but my guess is that the “local beer” you’d get at the new stadium would be Summit, Schells (Grain Belt most likely), and possibly Cold Spring (I believe you can get each of those at the Dome right now). The other smaller brewerys (Surly, Flat Earth, ect.) have a hard enough time keeping up with the demand they get from bars and liquor stores. Adding the new stadium probably isn’t feasable from a production stand point.

    I’d love to sit on the deck at the new stadium and enjoy a Furious just like eveyone else, but it’s probably not realistic.

  2. Ben says:

    I recall a local brewer getting a quote for what the Dome would need a while back. Some crazy number of kegs per game that they just weren’t prepared to be able to produce at the time.

    As others have said, think about the price. A 12oz of Summit EPA is already something like $7 or $7.50. Considering Summit’s pricing at most bars you’d likely be looking at well over $9 for a glass of Surly or Flat Earth. Not sure there’s a huge market for it at that price.

    As has always been the case with drinking at sporting events, have the good stuff at the bar before/after going to the game.

  3. Mike BGP says:

    I’m sure there is an unreasonably large sum of money being sunk into the sponsorship of the stadium’s roof deck, and to be honest, I wouldn’t imagine seeing a Minnesota brewery being able to front that sort of cash – not yet. We love our local brews, and wish everyone could enjoy them on a beautiful day outside watching the Twins. The real shame is that the roof deck’s sponsorship was farmed out to just one major corporation – as opposed to an effort to get the whole lot of Minnesota beers available. We don’t need just one great Minnesota beer – how can a single company compete on that large of a scale? – we need all great Minnesota beer. There is a lot of beer to be demanded on that deck, and while a large majority of it may be Bud, I’d rather not see the sign, and find a way to have the entire Minnesota line-up available.

  4. dbrewing says:

    Why don’t they put up a big Yankee’s sign. They have as much to do with Minnesota as Budweiser, and as deep as pockets.

  5. Matt says:

    I would be happy enjoying a (one at that price) Summit EPA outside at Target Field. Surly/FE/Lift Bridge Before and/or after would be fine by me.

  6. Aubrey says:

    I emailed the Twins today and got this response:

    Thanks for the note about the Budweiser Roof Deck. It will certainly be a fun place to be on game days! Budweiser has a sponsorship deal with the Twins but is not the exclusive beer vendor. Our new concessionaire (Delaware North Sportservice) is working to ensure we have other brands represented in Target Field, including some local brews. No decisions have been made yet, but rest-assured we are working on some local breweries to be represented at Target Field!
    Thanks for the inquiry.
    Kevin W. Smith
    Executive Director of Public Affairs
    Minnesota Twins

  7. Ben says:

    Apparently you’ll get special tickets to get into the Budweiser deck. Sounds like it may include all you can drink beer or something like that too. Don’t really see that being offered if they had craft brew.

  8. Mark says:

    Of all the local breweries still around.. Grain Belt has by far and away the richest history of its affiliation with the Twins! I so wish that that Budweiser sign was a Grain Belt sign just like it always was at the old Metropolitan Stadium. I agree with the above comment that Budweiser has as much to do with the Twins as the Yankees do. He who has the most money wins these days unfortunately. Schells – Grain Belt not only have a brewery here they also support local farmers who they buy there product from. Does Budweiser (a Belgium owned company) buy there wheat, barley, hops, etc from around here? Wake up Minnesota and support the beers that support your state!

  9. Andrew says:

    The Budweiser sign is just so un-Minnesota. The Twins have been really good about offering local food and a “Minnesota” feel. However, the beer available doesn’t live up to this. Budweiser is A-B InBev and headquartered in Europe. The Yankees comment is right o the money. I don’t understand why Flat Earth, Surly, and the others can’t be made available, if only in limited quantity. Perhaps only at one concession stand in the park. Why not all the Summit varieties? Just think how exposure at Target could benefit a small company like Flat Earth or Surly.

    Anyone reading this site is probably more concerned about beer than average. I suggest we all contact the Twins and let them know that while we enjoy what they are trying to do in general, adding more local brews in the future is something Twins fans care about. A regular amount of emails from the hardcore can really have a big effect.

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