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Surly Coaster Winner

The artwork has been drawn, the entries submitted and a winner has been chosen for Surly’s Coaster Contest! Who is it, you ask? That information will be revealed at Old Chicago in Eagan. If you can get there early, take advantage of their happy hour 3:00-7:00 pm for special pricing on beer and apps.

6/9 UPDATE – In addition to announcing the winner of the contest, Surly will also be pouring Bender, Furious and a pin of Ashy Cynic starting at about 7:00. Per Omar, “Let’s see the SE Metro represent!”


  1. surlybrewer says:

    ASAIK the winning coaster came from that bar, which is in Eagan.

  2. al says:

    What, they didn’t like my pastiche of a Van Gogh self-portrait, with the slogan “Gogh for a Surly”?

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