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Surly Brewing “16 Grit” Double IPA Release Party

Grumpy’s Downtown is excited to host the release party for the Surly 16 Grit Double IPA. This was one of the final growlers available at the Surly brewery and is now going to be available in a keg.

Monday, March 16, 2009
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Grumpy’s Downtown
1111 Washington Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN


  1. Ben says:

    Love Grumpys but the last time we were there the stench of body odor in the whole place was almost unbearable. It seriously smelt better in the bathroom. Guess it just goes with the crowd that normally hangs out there.

    That that bathroom with the single toilet sitting right out there while others are using the urinal always gives me a bit of a chuckle. Nothing like some guy sitting on the pot and watching you while he takes a crap. Then they always try to have a conversation with you to make things less awkward which only makes things more awkward. At least you don’t have to almost sit on his lap to wash your hands like the NE location.

  2. Duke says:

    MMM, my 16 Grit smells like punk rock.

  3. IPA Hound says:

    Punk rock? Sweaty and dated?

    I had a growler of it. Blah. Great nose, but way too sweet, like many Surly beers.

  4. al says:

    What’s a Sulry Brewing?

  5. Mag says:

    Al, we have no idea what you’re talking about *wink*


  6. kat says:

    Thanks Mag!

  7. Sven says:

    That smell you are describing is us cyclists. We emit it to force snobs away from good beer.

    Can’t handle the stink?! No beer for you!

    Or maybe you were there during a Vikings game…

  8. Scott McGerik says:

    “way too sweet, like many Surly beers” What? Sure, one, two, three, and Darkness have been malty sweet but those are special beers brewed to a style. But their year-round beers, Furious, (Coffee) Bender, or Cynic are not sweet.

  9. DoubleBast says:

    Lot of fruit for a DIPA, did not find it too sweet though. I can’t drink more than 4 oz. of Surly 1 or 2. Looking forward to some more Tea-Bag Furious at Firkin Fest.

    Right now, my order is:
    16 Grit
    Coffee Bender

    Order changes depending on mood though…
    I just need to find somewhere with a decent deal on Coffee Bender [off-sale].

  10. Ben says:

    DoubleBast> You mean $3.50 a pint of high quality local beer made with high quality locally roasted coffee isn’t enough of a deal?

  11. DoubleBast says:

    Is it worth $3.50 a pint? – Assuming you like the style of beer, and have adequate disposable income, unquestionably yes.
    But, in the context of my question, I was hoping to find a deal, as in “less than the commonly found market price”. I think Summit ESB is a good value at $7/6, but I was glad when someone told me there was a deal at Surdyk’s for $20/case. I’m also looking for a good place to stock up on Bell’s products if you have any suggestions.

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