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Summer News from Town Hall

Town Hall has a slew of information for you today.

Summer is here!

If you are tired and thirsty from a hard day, come relax on the patio and drink some Apricot Wheat Beer today. We don’t do that many full batch fruit beers around Town Hall Brewery but you asked- so here you go. Release at 5pm today.

Some upcoming notables

* We hosted an award winning homebrewer in the brewery a while back and made his Best of Show recipe. The Classic American Pilsner (CAP) happened to be the first lager of this style we have made at THB. Here are Kyle Sisco’s words:

“If there was ever something I would ask you to come to, this would be it.

After taking Best of Show in the MN Craft Beer Week 2011 Homebrew Competition, I had the honor of brewing with Mike Hoops at the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. We brewed 310 gallons of my Classic American Pilsner in April, and the beer will be released during MN Craft Beer Week 2012.

I’m hosting a tapping party on Sunday, June 17th, specifically, but the beer should be available for longer than just that day. I would be honored if you (and anyone else you’d like to bring plus maybe your extended families) would join me and fill the brewpub to capacity to celebrate such a cool opportunity.”

* July 2 will mark the release of both Thunderstrom Honey Ale and 1800 English IPA. Swing in and get a taste and pick up your July 4th holiday growler pack. Yep, we realize you may drink a pint or two during your holiday vacation…….we are just doing our part to help!

More details to follow on those.

Hop Heads- we have a unique series of single hopped beers coming for you to try. Look for these in the near future (We know these are difficult hops to get, so we want to highlight them so you dont have to find them)

Flight of the Falcon- featuring Falconer’s Flight

MPLS- Our Minnesota Pale Lager Style featuring Nelson Sauvin hops

Citra Pale Ale

Amarillo Ale

And the Return of Simcoe Pale