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The Heavy Table Cometh

This is your link of the day week month. Go forth and enjoy. Bookmark now! I’m very excited for this project. You should be too. James Norton and friends have launched the Heavy Table. Enjoy.

It’s with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm that I announce a new daily online magazine dedicated to food and drink in the Upper Midwest.

Our mandate is broad. We’ll have articles of interest to the home cook, to the restaurant diner, and to the food enthusiast who cares to know the story of how his or her dinner got to the plate. We appeal to those who are looking for what’s in season, what’s local, what’s heirloom and what’s new.

We’ll also provide a constantly updated guide to the best food writing and blogging from all over the Internet, with an emphasis on Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Please point your browser to:

Expect our articles to be accurate, concise, timely and entertaining. Expect our photographs to be crisp and vibrant. Expect our audience to be smart and hungry.

As we identify (and consolidate) our readership, we are eager to open lines of communication with the chefs, brewers, bakers, bartenders, bloggers, farmers, servers, cheesemongers, PR folks, store owners, restaurateurs, and other entrepreneurs who make the local scene the magnificent stew that it is.

Let’s start talking.

Yours in the Service of Good Food,

James Norton
The Heavy Table