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Summit Unchained #16 Herkulean Woods

herkuleanLook for Summit’s 16th Unchained Beer, Herkulean Woods sometime near the end of the month. This is brewer Christian Dixon’s first effort in the series and damn, it sounds interesting. There’s a video with details below, but essentially he started with a California Common, tweaked the hops a bit, added maple syrup and spruce tips to make what I can only guess will be a beer you’ll want to try. On the video, Dixon says that they plan to package around August 19th, so it’s fair to assume that you’ll see more details about availability and release events after that point.

Check it out. Incidentally, I met Christian a few years ago outside of the beer world and thought he was good people, so I’m glad to see he and his awesome sideburns are at the helm of this beer.


Profile: Big malt backbone with a resinous, spicy hop aroma
Color: Amber
Malt: Harrington, Lacey, Caramel
Hops: Herkules, Northern Brewer, Exp. 05256 [Description form Yakima Valley Hops: Black currant, dark fruit, strong herbal notes, pine tree, mint, pungent, light grapefruit rind, “Simcoe-like,” “Summit-like,” citrus, tangerine.]
Kettle additions: Maple syrup and spruce tips
OG: 18º Plato
IBU: 65
ABV: 8.2%
Yeast: California Common Lager

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