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Summit Unchained Batch 15: Fest Bier

Summit Unchained Fest BierAre they really on Batch 15? It really doesn’t seem all that long ago that the folks at Summit announced the first beer in the Unchained Series. In any case, here it is, the next one in full dazzling RGB tones. This round, brewer Nate Siats (Abbey Ale, Imperial Pumpkin Porter) gets a third crack at the series with the series’ first lager, Fest Bier. Summit says this beer will be feature Czech Pils malt & two varieties of Munich as well as Sladek and Saphir hops. Hop Union alludes to the notion that Czech Sladek hops are the bastard child of Northern Brewer and Saaz hops (my words, not theirs) and that these aroma hops feature a “Fruity flavor profile including hints of peach, grapefruit and passion fruit” (their words, not mine).  Saphir? Think Hallertauer. Kinda’-sorta’. Fest will be 5.5% abv springtime fest bier that should arrive in March after cold-conditioning for 8 weeks.