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Summit Union Series: 3x Mild Ale

3XM_Label_700pxThe latest beer in Summit’s Union Series will be called 3X Mild. This is brewer Damian McConn’s take on the Mild ales of 19th century England, brewed with a new American base malt, an experimental hop variety and a traditional English yeast. Summit refers to this beer as “a rich, malt-driven and full-bodied beer with notes of stone fruit, molasses, toffee, toast and a hint of chocolate. And if you can believe it, the chocolate notes come from the hops. Great Fermentations refers to the hop with this description: “Cocoa, tropical, stone fruit, Jolly Rancher (oh yeah), passion fruit, and carmel.” Expect this beer sometime in mid-to-late November.

UNION #4: 3X MILD Specs
ABV: 7.2%
OG: 1.5 Plato
IBU: 38
Malts: Expedition base malt (U.S.), with Mild Ale and Amber malt (U.K.)
Hops: Experimental 06300 (U.S.)
Yeast: Yorkshire Ale