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Summit’s State Fair Beer for 2014, The Villain

villianThis year’s limited edition State Fair beer is called The Villain, a black lager brewed by brewer Gabe Smoley. Early notes on the beer from Smoley’s notepad: “The working concept for this year will be a hybrid Schwarzbier brewed with a Kolsch yeast. The beer will be jet black, weighing in around 4-4.5% ABV. It will be lightly hopped and have a mild, slightly roasty flavor – but will drink very clean. A traditional Schwarzbier lager recipe will be followed, but the hybrid ale/lager yeast strain will give the flavor profile a little more character — possibly tart and fruity. Special brewing malt will be utilized to make this beer uniquely dark, but it will drink like a lager, which should be perfect for the typically-balmy State Fair weather.”

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  1. Ryan says:

    I love State Fair exclusives! I know Lift Bridge is bringing back their mini-donut beer.

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