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Surly 5 Labeling

Surly 5 Label

Surly 5 Label

Looking like Surly 5 will be released “whens its done”, sometime Summer-ish. I personally am quiet excited about this one.

Label copy: “In the Surly brewhouse brewing our Anniversary beers mean one thing, forget what ya know and try something different. In honor of FIVE glorious years we bring you a 100% Brettanomyces fermented Dark Ale aged in red wine barrels. Flavors of sour cherry, tobacco, oak and classic “Brett” barnyard funk balanced by Dark Munich malt chewiness. Enjoy immediately or age at cellar temperature for a couple years.

Five years! We figured five years is a decent milestone, so we would brew a sour beer for this anniversary beer. The idea behind our anniversary line-up of beers was to give Head Brewer, Todd Haug, free reign to use whatever ingredients and methods to brew this beer. this year’s bottle artwork is also a one-of-a-kinf illustration collaboration between Todd and local artists, Aesthetic Apparatus.”



  1. ryan says:

    Love the art, though I’m a little biased… I used to harass Mike from AA back in the day when he was a record store clerk in Fargo, ND.

  2. ryan says:

    …and for better or worse, It makes me think of Venom (the band) with mash paddles!

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