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Surly Darkness Day Details

This year’s Surly Darkness Day is  Saturday, October 27, from 11am–6pm. Obviously if you’d like to get your hands on a bottle (or six) of Darkness, it’s advised that you get in line early. What time? It’s difficult to say, and as this event gets more popular. How about early o’clock? Not to rub it in, but for the first Darkness Day, we showed up around 9am and were near the front of the line. Don’t count on that this round!

Surly Darkness Day no. 1. Shitty cell phone shot. I’d apologize, but some of you were still drinking Miller Lite at this point! 🙂

…and of course there will be beer… and food, and music.

Expect some of the usual suspects as well as limited-release beers and casks. You can buy beer tokens for $4. Pours of cask beers & Darkness will be 8 oz. and everything else is 12 0z.

Food trucks:
You will not go hungry unless you are broke… or stupid. Plan ahead. Chef Shack, Natedogs, Barrio, Groveland Confections, Caribou Coffee, and others will be serving throughout.

Live Music:
As always, at Darkness Day the rock will be accompanied by the roll. Bands include God Came From Space, We Are Legion, Wolvhammer, and Powermad.

Powermad – Surly Darkness Day No. 2

So you wanna buy a bottle (or six) of Darkness?
The Surly crew will hand out 1200 wristbands for bottle sales prior to the gates opening. If you get a wristband, you’ll be allowed to buy up to 6 bottles of Darkness. Bottles of Darkness are $18 each, (cash only). Extra bottles will be available for purchase later in the afternoon. Not everyone buys their allotted 6 bottles, so stick around if you want a bottle but weren’t one of the first 100 people in line… you may just get one…

Some Rules:
[Aside from the golden rule in the beer world… don’t be a jerk. Oh, and for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t ]

  • Must be 21+ to enter unless accompanied by parent. No tickets needed.
  • DON’T SHOW UP BEFORE 3:30 on Friday! Surly has neighbors. Respect their employees and their space.
  • Any tents/structures that are up during daylight hours will not be allowed.
  • Volunteers will be helping with the line overnight. Please follow their direction as they can blackball you from the event if you don’t.
  • As always, be safe and arrange a ride or take a taxi home.


  1. Jeff says:

    Blast from the past on that first photo. I look so excited.

  2. ryan says:

    …as I recall, I think it was a bit of a long day…

  3. Duke says:

    Hey, there I am! Shitty cell phone shot or not, that’s the back of my head.

  4. Mattyb83 says:

    That’s my PBR hat in the first year photo. Best Darkness Day ever.

  5. al says:

    ah, sweet nostalgia.

  6. Quandry says:

    “Surly Darkness Day no. 1. Shitty cell phone shot. I’d apologize, but some of you were still drinking Miller Lite at this point! :)”

    LOL I was drinking craft beer 10 years before the first darkness day playa. But nice try though. I’m an OG in this game. I was buying Westy 12 in the 90s. How about you?

    1. ryan says:

      Note that I wrote “some of you.” For what it’s worth, I was introduced to craft beer in the mid-90s. OG or not, I think I’m okay teasing some of the newcomers to craft beer just a little bit. 🙂

  7. DanK says:

    My Mom was drinking craft beer while she was pregnant with me. That’s how old school I am!

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