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Join the Surly folks for these upcoming events…
Wednesday, May 14
Firkin Night at Sea Salt restaurant at Minnehaha Falls, 7:00 pm
They will be tapping a firkin of Bitter Brewer and one of Furious with $2 pints.
Next 3 weekends
Surly will be selling 750 ml bottles of Two at the brewery during growler filling times (noon – 2:00 pm). One per person, $15 per bottle, 84 bottles available for sale per week.

Monday, June 2
CynicAle Release Party
CC Club, 2600 Lyndale Ave S


  1. Oh! At Sea Salt! Hopefully I can make it. I’d enjoy having a Furious with my fish tacos.

  2. Moe says:

    I’ll hopefully be at Sea Salt as well, especially since it’s within walking distance of the home place.

  3. Moe, I’ll be looking for you. I don’t think we have ever met in person although we meet in passing on the Web.

  4. al says:

    I thought it was tonight and biked up there in a different route than normal, got lost, and arrived just before they closed at 8. Wondered why there was no one there. Did they they finish the pins and leave in under an hour? Didn’t even go in to ask, left the Falls dejected…

    oh, so it’s tomorrow night…ah, well…just got someone to work for me, so, I’ll be there for real!

  5. Ben says:

    So they plan on killing 2 casks in 1 hour tomorrow before they close at 8pm?

  6. al says:

    I’m assuming they’ll stay open later, but Surly casks go quick. Forty pints to a pin, generally, if you’ve got enough people in there, they could run out of both in half an hour. And at $2 a pint? Crazy not to go…

  7. brook says:

    they stop taking orders for food at 8 but you can still order beer/wine for maybe another half hour. i think they usually allow people to stay in the dining area until close to 9.

  8. omar says:

    The folks at Sea Salt are staying open a bit later tonight. It looks like the first cask will actually be tapped around 6:00. Fish tacos and tea-bagged furious, hmmm.
    See you tonight!

  9. brook says:

    thanks, omar! is that first hand info?

  10. Ben says:

    Looks like I’ll have to adjust my after work bike ride so I can make it up there by 6. Should be good as long as I don’t get attacked by any wild turkeys or crash into any deer with my bike (yes, it has happened to me).

  11. Trav says:

    Ill be on a bike too, but mine has a 700cc engine.

  12. ryan says:

    Omar’s info is about as first-hand as you can get… he’s from Surly.

    Ben – are you sure you weren’t drinking Wild Turkey and Schell’s before crashing? 🙂

  13. Ben says:

    Ryan – I had a turkey come running at me on my bike while going through the reserve. Then earlier this week I was coming down a hit at around 20mph and 2 deer went running. If I hadn’t slammed on my brakes I would have hit them as they crossed the trail. Came within a bout 5ft.

  14. The Sea Salt event was fun. The weather was great, we sat outside the entire time. I saw a lot of craft beer drinkers there. So much so that I was worried if I would get any of the tea-bagged furious.

  15. Moe says:

    Yeah, it was a blast. Too bad the lines were so long, our group ended up just skipping the firkins and bought a pitcher of normal Furious. Great food and great weather though.

    Scott, I realized I don’t know what you look like, otherwise I would have looked for you 🙂

  16. Trav says:

    Agreed, good times. The whole pay in one line and get beer in another was kinda odd I thought.

  17. @ Moe: Same here! I thought Mag knew what you looked like but he said he was too inebriated that night at Barley Johns to remember.

  18. I’ve always found the handling of money at Sea Salt to be inept.

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