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Surly Furious “Best Local Beer” in Mpls. St. Paul

I finally had a few minutes to browse my work copy of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and low and behold, I find that they’ve chosen Surly Furious as “Best Local Beer.” Congratulations!

The best local beer also has the best name: Surly Furious. Brewed by Brooklyn Center’s Surly Brewing Company, Furious is a dark, hoppy, fragrant brew made with Golden Promise malt, the same stuff that’s used to make such fine scotches as The Macallan. It packs a punch, too, with 6 percent alcohol.

Congrat’s to Surly!


  1. al says:

    I agree.

    Except for maybe Darkness. That’s good, too, …in another way…

    People still haven’t waken up to beer outside of Summit, so any publicity is good…

  2. Trav says:

    I know people that love the EPA but hate Furious. Seems odd to me if you like hops? Good for Surly once again

  3. Trav says:

    On a side note, I had a pint of Fury at Sunsets in woodbury yesterday……I about crapped when I put down a ten spot to pay for it, and got 3 bucks back. 7 dollars for a pint!? Seems a bit steep. Omar and Todd need to pull a Miller High Life on those folks….

  4. ryan says:

    Where’s Woodbury?

    Sorry. 🙂

  5. Trav says:

    Ya not exactly your preimium beer destination. I live there so I gotta do what i can . Dollar pounders of PBR all day- every day at Throwbacks though…thats worth the trip.

  6. Ben says:

    “Furious is a dark…” Dark? Not the wording I would have chosen. I’m sure some users will see the word dark, think Guinness, and not try it because of the wording.

    Trav – Solara use to charge the same when they had it on tap. First time I had Furious was there just after it was released. It was great but we opted to go across the street to Rock Bottom after the first glass of $7 beer for free beer.

  7. ryan says:

    “Dark” wouldn’t be my choice either. And as nice as Golden Promise is, I’d probably highlight the hops. Come to think of it, though I love the beer, I think there are beers in town with better names, but whatever… it’s good press for a local micro.

  8. surlybrewer says:

    Yeah,Furious is our “Lite” beer.It’s lighter than Bender right?

    And “Dahmer” is a waaaay better name too…

  9. shane says:

    it is odd that people who love epa won’t even try furious. I guess its the same way miller lite drinkers won’t even consider anything else. FOOLS. anywho, congrats surly, another notch on the belt of many to come to be sure.! and im thinking the word dark is not a BIG deal since most people who that would scare away won’t be considering surly anyways.

  10. al says:

    guys, I can’t find the piece, where is it?

  11. ryan says:

    I didn’t see it online, though you’ll find it in print once you flip past the 3-4 awards for the D’Amico empire (D’Amico & Sons, Lurcat and another one of their ventures were all winners on the first page or two of the article).

  12. chad says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Furious, but I remember with the first pint, I had trouble drinking the whole thing. This was a few years ago when I thought, at the time, that EPA was “too hoppy”.

    Silly me, though, it wasn’t that it was too hoppy, it was just the type of hops they use. Now when I drink EPA, I feel it’s not hoppy enough. Weird how quickly the palette can change.

    Ben–when did Solera have Furious? Must’ve been before I started there. But, yeah, not even I can drink there because they charge too much. Not even Mackenzie charges that much for a pint!

  13. Ben says:

    Solara had Furious when Surly first rolled out. Had my first pint of Bender at Champs in Maple Grove (it poured a grey foamy color, seems they didn’t do a great job cleaning the lines but it was still tasty although MUCH better when I had it the 2nd time) the week they launched and Furious at Solara later that week.

  14. al says:

    I think Solera was the first account they delivered kegs to, unless it was Cafe’ 28…check the photo archive on the Surly site. I know I was the recipient of invoice #3…Acadia Cafe’ was next in line, I think.
    The next week, I got some folks at the bar who said they had Bender the week before at Solera and were told they were the only place that had it. “What day was that?” I asked. “Friday”. they said. “Well, they lied to you.”
    You can’t sell too many $7 pints…what was that about? Does Newcastle or Guinness (which is more expensive per keg than Bender) go for $7?…maybe they do…

    Summit EPA is lightly spiced iced tea compare to Furious.

  15. Trav says:

    The 7 dollar Furious pints at Sunsets are indeed the most expensive beer they have on tap, and they have SN Anniversary, Guinness, New Castle, etc. Its funny that there “Minnesota Beer night” special includes Summit, Grain Belt, JAMES PAGE, and Schells, but Surly is left off the list. Sevens bucks is just a rip off. Im guessing that keg will last them a while.

  16. al says:

    Furious costs a bit more than SN, but not Guiness or Newcastle.

  17. ????? says:

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