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Surly in Wisconsin

SurlyWisconsinites, don’t say we never gave you anything (though I do appreciate some of the beers you send our way)… Surly Brewing Co. will cross the border and honor Paddy Ryan’s Irish Pub with the distinction of being the first Wisconsin drinking & dining establishment to serve Surly. To celebrate, Surly Darkness will be will be tapped at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, November 19.  Omar, Todd & Linda will be present and are bringing a cask of tea-bagged furious.


  1. Angie B says:

    No fair. What do we have to do to get Surly down in the southern part of MN?

  2. Sam Blum says:

    Whistle Binkies in Rochester has it, and holy crap is it good. My new favorite since trying it a few months ago.

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