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Surly One at the Blue Nile Wednesday

From Al at The Blue Nile:

I’ll be getting my first keg of this delicious doppelbock-like anniversary lager Wednesday. Problem is, I still don’t have an open tap line. So, I propose $3 taps all day long Wednesday…what? even on Bell’s Expedition Stout and HopSlam?
No, not on them, we don’t serve them in pints, anyway…

a small amount of Darkness remains…what, you guys got tired of the biggest, ballsiest imperial stout brewed in Minnesota so soon?

Wait? Expedition Stout…and Darkness? Yes, currently, the only place one could try both on tap side by side is at the Blue Nile, while supplies last…


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  1. al says:

    Darkness is officially gone, as of Tuesday night, so One should be ready to go when we open at 4,
    but, to clarify, the $3 pints are just for Bender and Furious, not for One or anything else, and we do $2.50 pints from 5-8 anyway…after 9, there’s a cover, as we have a band this Weds, but tell the man at the door “I’m here for the Surly” and he’ll let you through.

    thanks for listing this, Ryan!

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