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Surly Pentagram & Sÿx Label Art

Thanks to for digging up the artwork. As we reported back in March (via Denver Post), Surly hoped to make Pentagram an annual Summer bottle release. Lo and behold, gives us the artwork. Check it out. Click for a larger image. 

They also rustled up artwork for Sÿx, which translates roughly into “six” for those of you who don’t speak metal. Surly Sÿx is a wood-aged American Strong Ale that’ll weigh in around 15%. Please don’t fuck it up and it Styx. Again, click to see a bigger version.


  1. stoooooopid says:

    I don’t know what’s more stupid. The fact that someone trade marked the word “honey comb” or the fact that someone paid to trade mark the word “honey comb”.

  2. Duke says:

    I now know that we live in a perfect world. One where life is free of hardship and strife, thus enabling us to bitch about a business trademarking the name of a process/product they created.

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