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Surly Power of the Pint Party

What: Surly Brewing is hosting the “Power Of The Pint” party on Saturday, June 18 from 2PM to 6PM at its brewery in Brooklyn Center to celebrate the ‘Surly Bill’ passing into Minnesota law last month.

The event is being organized to thank all those who helped Surly Brewing change a Prohibition-era Minnesota law, which previously stopped Minnesota breweries from being able to sell pints of their own beer on their premises.

There will be a variety of Surly beers available at the party. There are no tickets for the event and all those over 21-years old are welcome to attend. Admission is free. The brewery will be open to the public, and Surly Brewing merchandise will be on sale as well.

The party will also include local musical acts Gay Witch Abortion, Pink Mink and Nightosaur as well as various food vendors, including Famous Dave’s, Big River Pizza, Natedogs, and Big Bell Ice Cream.

Where: Surly Brewing Company Brewery, 4811 Dusharme Dr., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

When: Saturday, June 18, 2PM – 6PM, rain or shine.

For more information about the event, please visit or visit


  1. Jim says:

    Quite the interesting band name… Any place I can hear their music before I sign up for a night of listening to them jam?

  2. Ben says:

    Jim: Normally searching a band name on Google will give you their website or Myspace page where you can listen to that kinda stuff. If you don’t care to listen to the music, there are plenty of places where you can hang out and not listen to them at the brewery.

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