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Indeed’s Sour Program on Display at Republic’s Sour Social this Saturday

Indeed Sour

Sour beers are huge right now and Indeed Brewing has one of the better programs around. The Wooden Soul Series is run by Adam Theis and is coming up on one year now. Adam was first introduced to sours at Town Hall Brewery where he brewed under Mike Hoops. “We got La Folie there [a sour beer from New Belgium] and I was like oh my god” says Theis. “It was really intriguing to me.”

He left Town Hall and went up to Third Street for a little while until he was contacted by Tom Whisenand and Josh Bischoff from Indeed. The Northeast brewery really wanted to start up a sour program and since they had worked with him previously at Town Hall, the move made sense. “I was a fan of sour beer, and I couldn’t pass that up” he says.

The Wooden Soul beers start out just like the others in that they are brewed and fermented at the regular brewery prior to making their way over to Adam’s house of funk which is just down Broadway. So far there have been five entries in the series, a set that rivals any being brewed here in the state.

Wooden Soul #1 Saison
Wooden Soul #2 Sour Blonde Ale
Wooden Soul #3 Sour Blonde Ale aged on cherries
Wooden Soul #4 Sour Blonde Ale aged on grapefruit
Wooden Soul #5 Saison fermented with apple juice

The most popular one around town seems to be #3 which was a Sour Blonde Ale aged on cherries. This is not Adam’s favorite though so far. “A lot of people liked #3, but it wasn’t my favorite. I really like citrus fruit so I’d probably go with the grapefruit [Wooden Soul #4] one as my favorite” he says.

There is one that hasn’t been released yet that he’s very excited about. It’s a Red and Brown Ale mix which is aged on cherries in a very unique barrel. One that Adam states is working really well right now. This brew will make an appearance at Sour Social which is a beer dinner being hosted by Republic on Saturday. The event itself will pair six dishes with sour beers from both breweries (New Belgium and Indeed) in a casual environment.

Overall the sour program has been a successful operation and should only grow from here. “We’ve experimented with everything and we are always trying out new techniques. These beers are just a slow evolution that plays out right in front of us” says Adam.

If you are looking for tickets to the event Saturday, you can purchase them here for $50 plus fees.


Ommegang/Duvel Beer Dinner at The Happy Gnome

happygnomeThough we certainly love keeping it local, a good Belgian beer dinner always catches our attention. This one, in particular, features beers from Duval, Achouffe and Ommegang paired with The Happy Gnome’s food. If you’re free next Tuesday, this is worth checking out.

With so many amazing breweries here in the U.S., who has time for Belgian beers?  We do!

On Tuesday, June 11, we will host Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat (aka Duvel) and Brasserie d’Achouffe from Belgium and their sister Brewery Ommegang from New York.  These Belgian and Belgian-inspired ales were truly made to live alongside good food, and we can’t wait to see what Chef Scott comes up with to pair with these beauties!

Six beers will be paired with five courses of culinary delights.  As always, meet and greet at 6pm, dinner at 7pm.

Tickets are available here:


Excelsior Brewing Beer Dinner

The fine folks at Excelsior Brewing are teaming up with Pittsburgh Blue to bring you a four-course beer dinner.

1st Course
Beef Carpaccio – aged beef tenderloin, Maine lobster, shaved fennel & fried capers – paired with Big Island Blond

2nd Course
Razor Clam & Blue Crab Cake – sweet curry, crispy spinach & jalapeno – paired with XLCR Pale Ale

3rd Course
Ancho-Crusted Beef Filet – wheatberry “risotto”, Lacinato kale & mole reduction – paired with Bitterschlappe Brown Ale

4th Course
Salted Pretzel “Candy Bar” – with malt and Oar Lock Stout semifreddo – paired with Oar Lock Oat Stout

Tickets: $59/person (plus tax & gratuity)
Call 763-416-2663 or email tstrommen@parasole.com

Rush River Beer Dinner at The Happy Gnome

The Happy Gnome in St. Paul is holding a beer dinner with River Falls’ Rush River on Tuesday, November 13th at 6pm. The dinner includes 5 courses of food, 6 beers, and great conversation with the owner/brewers!  Meet and greet at 6pm, dinner at 7pm.  Tickets are $85, (includes food, beer, tax and gratuity.) and can be purchased at http://rushriverdinner.eventbrite.com/


Oktoberfest Bier Tasting and Dinner at St. Paul’s on the Hill

On Saturday October  20th at 6pm, St. Paul’s on the Hill (an Episcopal Church, btw) will host an Oktoberfest beer tasting with Brian Lonberg, a chef, and the head brewer at Barley John’s Brew Pub in New Brighton.

There will be a beer tasting and lecture covering most major styles of beer, and at least a dozen samples, followed by a Q&A with the brewer. Learn about how to best pair beer with meals, cheeses, desserts, and how to use beer in your own cooking. Find out how the major beer styles developed and what to expect to find in your glass, what it takes to get from the field to the Stein, and what you need to know when you go to a bottle shop. After the tasting enjoy appetizers, a short performance of German music by St. Paul’s Organ Master and select choir members, followed by a German themed dinner, silent auction, and of course, more beer.

Tickets are $30, and all proceeds benefit the the church.

Enter through the office doors on Saratoga St., St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on the Hill – 1524 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

Ticket link

— Make your donation in increments of $30 per ticket desired. In the second box put your name and number of tickets you’re ordering.