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Take Cover Quickly–and enjoy a cool pull (at Town Hall)

townhall.jpgChad Bacon, self-described “licensed pseudo meteorologist” at Town Hall is reporting a major summer Thunderstorm headed our way next week. If I recall from similar past weather events, it usually involves copius amounts of honey, orange peel, lemongrass and Belgian candy sugar, but it does tend to knock one senseless, so maybe my memory isn’t serving me correctly.  I’ll leave it to the professionals to describe:

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the following counties, Carver, Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey and WashingtonDoppler radar and trained weather spotters have observed rotation with baseball size hail and winds in excess of 85 mph.  The track of the storm has followed a path from Meeker through Kandiyohi counties with a straight easterly track.  This storm is extremely dangerous capable of producing a swath of misery, silliness and frivolity, simply taking shelter is not an option.  The National Weather Service strongly recommends enjoying a cool pull, good friends and a quiet prayer as this life altering event approaches.  The damage of this storm will be massive, so please join weather geeks, at Town Hall on the 18th at 5:00pm. It is not a matter of if the T-Storm will hit it is a matter of when.

Chad Bacon Pint Club Member, Licensed Pseudo
Meteorologist at THB

Oh yeah, and the annual pig roast and bocce tourney is happening this weekend.

The time has come for another pig roast and bocce ball tourney- This coming weekend have some Brewers grain fed roasted pork Sat starting at 4pm.
If you still want to play bocce we would love to have you. I think we still have room for 5 teams and if they fill up you are playing for a $1000 prize! call a manager for info (612.339.8696)