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Tambourine free zones…

Friends and I met early for drinks at the Happy Gnome last night. The service was excellent, as was the food (Duck Bruschetta… mmm!) and the beer (and I resisted anything from outside of our fair state, sans a pour of Rodenbach). Catching up with friends is always a good thing, and the addition of good beer and good food didn’t hurt anything.

The bar was a little busy (after all, it’s Saturday night) and people were having a difficult time finding a place to sit. There were more than a few people standing around waiting for a table in the bar. Suddenly a black party bus pulls up, and probably twenty people file out. Probably not the best choice on their part, but I guess I can’t blame someone for wanting a drink at the ‘Gnome. Of course I can, and will blame them with some sort of crime for bringing a tambourine into the bar. It would seem that no one told them that the ‘Gnome is obviously a tambourine-free zone. Duh.

The party bus (and it’s tambourine) left after a drink and a photo with a gnome. Thank God. Oddly enough, the bathroom signs disappeared at the same time as well. I had waited for the crowd to clear before navigating my way to the restroom and had to do a double-take when I found only double-sided tape on the bathroom doors. Thanks assholes.

If there any gnomes missing from said bar, one can only guess that they’d be found in a black party bus. Ugh.


  1. Eric says:

    At least it wasn’t a cowbell…..

  2. HT says:

    Anyone else find the new Happy Gnome website utterly frustrating to navigate? I love the Gnome, but please do away with the Flash animation and the slow load times!

  3. Jason says:

    I agree HT. The Loading Gnome needs to go. And the website needs to bring back the tap lists!

  4. Ben says:

    You didn’t like my tambourine skills?!

    Jason – Why bring back the tap lists when it was never up to date anyways? I do agree that the website needs an update and redesign.

  5. David Berg says:

    So if Davey Jones (of Monkees fame) showed up at the Gnome with his tambourine, you’d kick his ass to the curb? Damn, tough crowd…

  6. lee says:

    the food is probably fine, but that menu is hilarious. doesn’t the fact that it is prosciutto imply that pork is present? and why do these places find the need to redefine aioli? what the hell is lingnonberry aioli and why is that considered a good thing? and when did buffalo’s start producing chipotle?

  7. al says:

    if the worst thing that got off a party bus was a tambourine, call yourself lucky.

  8. ryan says:

    The website looks pretty, but the load time is terrible, even on a new, speedy computer.

    Ben, I’m fairly sure that you have better taste in beer than Mr. Tambourine man.

    Davey Jones wouldn’t steal the restroom signs.

    Lee, despite the fact that middle America should know what prosciutto is thanks to Tony Soprano, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added “ham” to save themselves from answering “what is prosciutto?” for the thousandth time.

    Al – you’re probably right, no doubt you’ve seen much worse.

  9. al says:

    remind me to tell you the story of the Friday night when some drunken yokels came in after close, when the doors should’ve been locked and proceeded to smash stuff, throw bottles, break glasses, trash the bar and furniture, while a half dozen people cowered in the corner, leaving me and one other guy to chase them out with bar stools…

    I’ll take tambourines over that!

  10. David Berg says:

    The Replacements were at the Blue Nile?

  11. al says:

    ba dump bump!

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