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The Beer Dabbler Events HAVE NOT Been Canceled

The Beer Dabbler events HAVE NOT, let me repeat HAVE NOT NOT NOT been canceled. Mag got scammed by an comment by someone posting under the name “Matt Kenevan” saying that all of the events were canceled. This simply is not true and as a whole, sincerely apologizes for any misunderstanding.

The Stillwater event, unfortunately, has been canceled because The Beer Dabbler wasn’t granted a permit after three months of talks. The rest of the events ARE ON and we highly suggest that you go, enjoy some great beers with great people in  different locations around Minnesota (Oh, and Sioux Falls, too).

Again, we apologize for any confusion. It’s our fault for running with an unfounded story. That being said, It’s pretty lame and low to be posting on a site using someone else’s name. Not cool.


  1. dez says:

    YAY! Definitely volunteering again.

  2. JLO says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for Highland Fest Beer Dabbler!!
    Us ‘West-Siders’ are taking a bus from the Nomad!

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