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The Cynic’s out of the Bag and into the Can…

I’ve known about this one for quite some time, but generally like to sit on “secrets” until I either get the go-ahead or someone else shares… well in no uncertain terms someone else shared over on BeerAdvocate, so here it is: Surly Brewing Co. will be offering their wildly tasty CynicAle in cans this summer. Rumor has it that some bartender at some unknown Ethiopian restaurant in Minneapolis wrote the copy for the cans.

From BA:

A little bird told me that you will, starting tomorrow (or the day after, please call ahead to avoid disappointment), be able to enjoy a very tasty Surly CynicAle in cans at this nice little neighborhood restaurant.

Go to Papa’s website: for contact and phone information. In my opinion, you could do a LOT worse than a can of Surly with a Tomato Pie from Papa’s. It’s a once-a-week special for me!

Note that I have no business affiliation with either Papa’s or Surly. Just a fan of both!


  1. al says:

    “unknown”? that doesn’t help my marketing campaign!

    I also did the copy for Bender and Furious, but never bragged about it…I think they used less of my words on this one…oh, well…once upon a time, I dreamed of writing novels or comic strips, and here we are, I’m on beer cans.

  2. ryan says:

    Heh. For what it’s worth, I think when people on this site hear “Ethiopian restaurant” they know that the Blue Nile is the place and Al is the guy. No disrespect to the coworkers, of course.

  3. al says:

    btw, the copy on the can is more of a collaborative effort between Todd, Omar, and myself….in that, I wrote something, they kept things they liked and added other things they liked, etc…the Bender & Furious cans are closer to what I sent them…

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